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Salt and your health

Refined versus celticsalt

Choosing a Good Salt

Harvesting of Celtic Sea Salt

Typical Analysis

The difference between refined salt and celtic sea salt

 For the past 30 years there has been a general belief that all salt is bad for you.  Medical research has shown that excessive amounts of Sodium Chloride can clog the arteries, raise your blood pressure and build fluid. This research has been based off refined table salt.

The refining process extracts 82 of the 84 mineral elements leaving almost 100% Sodium Chloride. They then use chemical additives such as aluminium hydroxide and aluminium silicate(anti-caking agent) to bleach the salt whiter and prevent water absorption, making it flow freely.  Pure Sodium Chloride with these chemical additives, is difficult for our bodies to process.  As a result, deposits of Sodium Chloride can build up in our bodies and could be contributing to many health problems known today.

Your body best absorbs minerals and trace elements from a natural source.  Salt of the Earth only imports Sea Salt that has been sun-dried and delicately hand harvested to ensure it retains the natural mineral content of the ocean.

Consumers are becoming aware that refined foods do not have the same benefits as natural organic produce.  Salt is no exception to this rule.

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