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Salt and your health

Refined versus celticsalt

Choosing a Good Salt

Harvesting of Celtic Sea Salt

Typical Analysis

Salt and your health

Salt of the Earth's pure unrefined Sea Salt contains 84 trace elements.  These same minerals are found in our bodies.  Modern science has determined that 24 of these elements are essential for life, although many believe that a proper balance of all 84 elements is necessary for our bodies function.

In conjunction with a well balanced diet, Sea Salt helps replenish our bodies with these essential minerals and trace elements.

Many illnesses and poor health conditions have been traced to a deficiency of minerals, ironically the same minerals that are found in Salt of the Earth's Celtic Sea Salt.

People forget everyone was born in a saline solution.  Our Mother's amniotic fluid is probably the best biological proof we have that the cellular structure is enhanced by salt.  Our cells all contain salt. We sweat salt.  Our tears contain salt.  Our blood is salty.  If we don't eat salt, where will it come from?

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